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You are a renowned chemist who was kidnapped by a drug lord.

He will only let you out if you manage to create the "perfect drug". Unfortunately, you are alone, and your only option is to test the drugs you create...on yourself.

Your mixtures will make you go through delirious hallucinations, and you will need to go through the nightmarish maze of your mind in order to return to your lab, and go back to your work.

And one day, you might get your freedom back.


First Person view

Win condition : create a revolutionary drug (find the correct recipe in order to satisfy the drug lord, and eventually leave your lab).

Gameplay : A large number of different combinations, and each one of them grants the player access to a hallucination level, until you eventually find the right one.

Hallucination levels : Strange and morbid mazes, sometimes layered with puzzles and obstacles that you'll need to overcome to progress, while contemplating the creations of your tripping mind.


 Visual Communication

  • Georges FINANCE                  
  • Romane MIGNARD
  • Marie-pierre CHOUIN

In game

  •  Guillaume PREXL     
  • Hugo CRECHET

Game Art

  •  Anna LIOT


  •  Ivan GILOU


  •  Alexandre CAUVIN

Modélisation Perso

  • Alexandre GODEFROY

Full pack A3D

  • Romain THENOT

 Game Design et Narrative Design

 Game  Programming


Tripped Inside.rar 214 MB


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Really Trippy! Great Job!

Thanks a lot 😁