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You play as a spirit of the sacred ebony forest. Your goal is to take care of the millennial ebony tree and to defend it against external threats. Ebony wood is the strongest and most precious wood in the world. It is almost considered sacred.

The game starts with a young spirit that finds the ebony heart and thus becomes the ebony guardian. It's role is to stop those who want to cut the tree down.

As the days go by, the threats against the tree grow in numbers. The inhabitants of the world start to neglect the sacredness of the tree and are only interested in the precious material contained inside it.

You are the ebony guardian, only your are able to keep this millennial tree alive.


The spirit that you play as has the capacity to inflate and deflate it's body at will.
Use that power to overcome the evil forces that threaten your tree !

Inflate close to an evil spirit to repel it.

Deflate your body to expulse air around you and put the fire out.
Be careful to not let the fire spread !

Inflating your body wil make you heavier and will make you fall heavily. Use that to knock the lumberjacks out before they hit the tree !


Matthieu Genermont - Producer

Tristan Record - Game Developer

Thibaut Guerin - Game Developer

Jules Fritz - Game Developer

Victor Mauduy - Game Artist

Etienne Niemiec - Game Artist

Alexandre Berard- Game Designer

Simon Dejean - Game Designer

Yoan Saboureau - Game Designer

Tom Grandjean Maglione - Game Designer


CoeurDEbene.zip 27 MB

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