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Friday, November 29th, 2019. The store will open soon. Today is Black Friday, and today you’re going to have a great day greeting customers and giving shopping advice. But your boss decided otherwise, because the promotion today is "Your caddie will be fully refunded if you bring us the head of our employee!". As soon as the door opens, you're going to be attacked by a horde of ravenous customers determined to get their discount. Grab anything you can and fight back, but don't destroy all your stock!

- Melee combat

Fight for your life with your bare fists, and try not to throw punches in the air! Your attacks will damage enemies who stand in front of you.

- Many weapons availables

You can defend yourself with any item you find in your store !

- You can steal money from the customers you eliminate, but remember that you still have to pay for any item you break on your enemies' skulls!

The Team


Rafael DE OLIVEIRA REIS - Game Designer

Antoine ADAN - Game Artist

Theo DRIUTTI - Game Programmer

Julien DOR - Game Programmer


Black Fight Day (1).zip 28 MB


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